How Jacki 10x Her Website Traffic (And Sales) Following Our Signature SEO Framework (Hint: It's Not As Tech. Heavy As You Think)

search engine optimisation website traffic Apr 12, 2024
SEO Strategy Example


Want to know how busy mum and business owner Jacki, 1000% her traffic (and sales) without spending a cent or constantly showing up on social media? It was following our 3-Step SEO framework that we teach in our signature program SEO Made Easy.

The Vintage Secret reworks designer jewellery such as buttons, belts and bag charms, to give them a second life—with the vision of fulfilling every person’s dream of owning a piece of designer jewellery.

Jacki had been in a business for a few years and done quite well following our Meta Ads framework but wanted to make sure all her eggs weren’t in the social media basket. Having had issues losing both her Facebook and Instagram profiles in the past (that she had worked extremely hard to grow to a substantial size), she knew she had to diversify her marketing. Given SEO is the primary source of traffic to a website, Jacki knew it was the obvious next step for her business. Follow along with this SEO strategy example.

N.B. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all the actions you take on your website and other people’s websites to rank first in Google and grow your website traffic, sales and revenue, consistently and sustainably.

Jacki as a business owner was concerned about implementing SEO herself, given her lack of technical knowledge on the topic and the time required to get the work done. She had completed some of her own research but wanted to follow our proven step-by-step framework instead of Googling and piecing all the elements together herself. With the peace of mind that others had successfully and easily implemented our roadmap, Jacki was comfortable making the investment. 

Jacki has previously reached out to other SEO agencies, many of whom used technical jargon that made little sense to the average business owner. Not only that, the costs of ongoing SEO management were pricey, especially when it was difficult to truly understand what work was being completed and how the outcomes were being measured. 



Following the SEO framework we teach in SEO Made Easy, she quickly realised that SEO in fact isn’t that complicated, and could be implemented free, with minimal upkeep (especially in comparison to social media which was costing her a lot of time, yet driving little traffic and sales to her website). What Jacki loved most about SEO was the compounding results the platform achieved over time compared to Instagram, where the posts would expire within 24 hours and she’d spent so much time creating Reels.

Let us take you through how this looked for The Vintage Secret. Seeing how Jacki followed the framework, may inspire you to take the same action. Completing SEO Made Easy is a six-week commitment. During the program you do the bulk of the work upfront, with minimal maintenance required ongoing.

First things first, Jacki followed our Website Set-up process. She audited The Vintage Secret website, looking for any technical errors relating to the crawlability of her site by Google and ensured the site not only loaded fast but was also responsive to different devices—two very important ranking factors for Google.

Moving to step 2 Content and Keywords, Jacki selected her ten most popular website, category and product pages and started by optimising those. She followed our suggested template for the website copy, found the exact keywords her audience were searching following our technical tutorials and cheat sheets and added them to all the right places on her website to impress Google and attract her ideal audience.

Finally, Jacki was ready to implement step 3 Building Backlinks that Boost. This involved using the tactics we teach to find other reputable websites that will link to yours such as through a directory or guest blog. Backlinks help Google trust you and boost you more in their search results and they are what really helps move you towards position one fast.

For a more in-depth understanding of our framework, read our blog Why ranking in Google is easier than you think. Here's our 3-Step Signature SEO Framework.



The results from Jacki following our 3-Step SEO Framework were astounding. Within three months, the website traffic (sales) had tripled and within a year it had grown by 1000%. Jacki made the commitment to getting her SEO done and it paid off ten-fold. Now she has a consistent and free marketing channel set-up that is driving traffic and sales to her website on autopilot.

Here are some kind words from Jacki about our signature SEO program:

"We 10x our website traffic and sales in less than three months of implementing SEO following the exact framework Nicki teaches in SEO Made Easy. We even reduced our Facebook Ads spend by 50%. We can't recommend Nicki from Miss Marketing enough! She knows her stuff inside & out and makes concepts so easy to understand.”

If you want to follow our simple roadmap to implementing SEO and achieve the same or even better results than The Vintage Secret and are looking for a little extra support to hold your hand whilst you do—the doors to our signature program SEO Made Easy open twice a year.

In this program we provide all the tutorials, templates and technical support you need to be able to reach more people, drive traffic to your website and make more sales with SEO—all without spending a cent or having to constantly show up on social media. Find out more and join the waitlist for access to special bonuses here.

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