How To Market Your Business And Make Consistent Sales Without Being On Social Media

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How to market your business without social media


Are you getting consistent sales to sustain your business (so you don’t have to head back to the dreaded nine-to-five).

Getting a steady run of sales can be difficult especially when you’re first starting out.

Increasing your sales relies on three main levers:

  • Increasing the amount of people that visit your website (traffic);
  • Increasing the average amount people spend per transaction or booking;
  • Increasing the number of people that visit your website or sales page and convert (buy or book).

Increasing the number of interested buyers that visit your website is the first crucial step to growing your sales (income and freedom) to life-changing levels.

Without eyeballs on what you sell, you have no one to buy your products, services or programs.

Even more importantly, only about two out of every 100 people that see what you sell, actually take action and book or buy.

This means more people than you think are going to need to see what you sell.

Relying on social media to help you hit your website visitor goal isn’t going to get you there fast. It therefore may not be the best use of your time.

Aren’t sure how much traffic you need to hit your sales goal? Download our Traffic & Sales Calculator + Planner to quickly determine that figure.



On social media, your posts get shown to as little as 2% of your audience. These people are usually your primary engagers. When you’re first starting out, this is likely to be your family or close friends (not new people or non-followers).

On average, less than 1% of people that see your posts, click through to your profile, let alone through to your website. 

How can you get sales from social media if barely anybody that is seeing your posts are clicking through to your website.

Don’t believe us? Check the figure for yourself. Head to a recent post and take a look at the 'Insights'. Check how many profile visits and more importantly website taps there were. Not as many as you may have expected we assume?

If you need 100 visitors on your website to make two sales, is the traffic you’re getting from social media and the 30-60mins a day you’re spending creating content and posting, worth the time and effort?



Instead head to your website analytics or Google Analytics account and see where you are currently getting traffic from. 

Use our easy to follow guide to set up your free Google Analytics account if you haven’t yet done so.

Start by looking at where you get the most traffic from? Is it where you spend most of your time, if not, ramp up the areas where you spend the least amount of time and get the most traffic (and sales).

Download our guide to help you determine your traffic goal and create an action plan to hit it.

There are many ways to sell your products, services or programs.



Each type of channel attracts a different type of audience so you need to determine who your audience is, where they hang out and who they look to for inspiration. Then, spend your time in those places.

Have your best customer in mind, think about what media they consume or what influencers they follow.

Here are of some of the most popular free and paid marketing methods:



Branding is foundational and a slow burn over time. It’s important to get your branding right from the start as people really do judge a book by its cover.

How you present your business from the colours, imagery and messaging you choose, will determine who you attract and how you’re positioned in the marketplace.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is free to do and a very easy way to drive traffic to your website. If someone is willing to hand over their email address and get added to your email list, it’s highly likely they are interested in what you offer. All you need to do is remind them of what you sell.

Incentivise people to give you their email through a competition or a discount.



Influencer marketing is a quick way to build awareness of your brand and trust with your audience but it can get expensive for those without a budget. It can also be a challenge to measure the ROI.

Guest Podcasting as a service business or course creator is a great way to get exposure to new audiences that are likely to trust you fast if the host does. Here you can share your expertise and build your brand authority. Best of all, it’s generally free to do. You just need to pitch the host. Make sure you pitch how it will benefit them and their audience.


Paid Advertising

Paid advertising like Facebook and Google Ads can help you reach your dream audience fast.

Remember: paid ads are a scaling tool that amplifies what is currently happening in your business. Use these channels once you know you have an offer that sells well organically.


Ranking in Google (SEO)

Organic traffic is the main source of traffic to a website. Your audience could be searching for exactly what you sell in Google and if you haven’t set up your Search Engine Optimisation, you could be missing out on a whole lot of sales (and it’s not just adding a few random keywords to your website).

Even more than that, it drives 1000% more traffic than social media, yes 1000%!

Setting up your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an easy, low maintenance way to bring in consistent sales or bookings. It should be the first marketing channel you set up when you start your business and create your website but unfortunately is one of the most untapped marketing channels. 90% of website pages aren't even ranking. Are yours included in this statistic?

Best of all, it’s safe to say that almost everyone hangs out on Google (it’s the number one search engine in the world).

If you’re looking to grow your business this year to a level that is congruent with the kind of lifestyle you want, look first to implement SEO. It will do all the heavy lifting in the background while you implement other marketing strategies. It’s time to remove yourself from the social media hamster wheel burning you out and requiring consistent posting (that doesn’t bring you traffic or stable sales).

P.S. Looking for a little extra support to hold your hand while you do your Search Engine Optimisation. The doors to our signature SEO program SEO Made Easy are opening in a few short weeks. Join our waitlist to get access to our exclusive fast action bonuses.

For a more comprehensive look at each marketing channel, head to our blog If I Were Starting My Business Over, This Is Where I Would Start With My Marketing.

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