How The Vintage Secret Tripled Their Website Traffic With This Simple Keyword SEO Strategy

search engine optimisation website traffic Aug 17, 2022


Want to know how The Vintage Secret tripled their website traffic in under two months by implementing a keyword SEO strategy?

In today’s blog we’re breaking down exactly what the Australian based jewellery boutique did to achieve these record breaking results.


To give you a little bit of a background, The Vintage Secret repurposes designer jewellery such as jewellery, belts and bag charms, to give them a second life. Their vision is to fulfill every girls dream of owning a piece of designer jewellery.

Since they began two years ago, they have experienced tremendous growth.

But…to take their business to the next level AND to make sure all their eggs weren’t in one basket A.K.A social media and Facebook Ads, they knew it was time to implement a keyword SEO strategy.

In addition to this, TVS knew the extinction of third-party cookies was looming. This meant their digital advertising was going to be impacted and they wanted to be as prepared as possible. To find out more about the extinction of third-party cookies and what it means for your business, click here.


The Vintage Secret have successfully worked with us on their Facebook Ads for a long time. They've quickly learnt from speaking with us and seeing all our blogs and social media posts, that adding the right keywords to their website, would help them attract targeted traffic that were searching for exactly what they had to offer, and it did just that.

Fortunately, from the outset, TVS already had a clear vision of their ideal customers, kick-starting the SEO process. This included a firm grip on the needs, pain points and desires of their prospects which helped dramatically with understanding what their ideal audience could be searching to find a business like theirs.


Next, the keyword research officially began. TVS wanted to find the keywords their audience was searching in Google to find them. To do this, the exact research process we use in Keywords to Customers was applied. This includes using a combination of SEO tools like Google Search Console and Semrush to determine what keywords they were currently ranking for, what keywords their competitors were ranking for, and to find other potential keywords that they knew they could compete on based on the metrics (something we also teach in Keywords to Customers).

Semrush has a free trial that you can access in the program. We also take you through the exact same process in the Keywords to Customers program using unpaid tools too.


TVS started with finding the right keywords for their top 10 performing pages and optimising those keywords by adding them to all the right places on their website to impress the Google powers to be. This included their homepage and shop all pages.

Starting with the top 10 pages, helps eliminate overwhelm. Once you’re done with those, you can move on to the next 10 pages, biting off as much as you can chew. By doing it this way, you'll eventually have all the pages of your website done, if you so desire.


Once TVS knew exactly what pages they wanted to rank for and had their list of well researched keywords, the selection process began. We teach a very simple formula inside Keywords to Customers to select the best keywords to go after on your website and this is exactly what TVS used to make their selection. Did we mention we also use easy peasy tech. to speed up the process too?


Finally, The Vintage Secret got those keywords added to their website in all the right places. Not sure where to add them? We teach you exactly where to add them in our signature program SEO Made Easy.



After less than three months, the results were astounding. The website traffic had more than tripled, not to mention their sales growth. Now TVS are moving onto looking at ways to increase their website conversion rate (the amount of people that hit their website and buy) which works incredibly well with SEO. Who wouldn’t want to make more money from people already on their website?

Ever thought about finding and adding your winning keywords to your website but not sure where to start? Keywords to Customers is our quick, low-cost, done-for-you workshop and template bundle that will help you attract prospects to your website that buy, every day of the week. And for one more night only, it's available for an absolute steal.

Ready to get started?

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