What To Do When Social Media Isn't Working

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How To Get More Traffic To Your Website

Focusing your marketing on social media but not seeing results?

We get it.

Posting on social media is easy to do but in reality, it takes time and does little to increase your website traffic, sales and revenue.

Let us show you what we mean…



Head to your last post on Instagram and click on the ‘Insights’ button.

Check how many profile visits and more importantly website taps the post received.

Then try the next post along.

Can you safely say that the number is a lot lower than you expected?

On average you need 100 people to visit your site to get two people to buy or book. If you only got one website tap from your last post, is the 30-60mins you’re spending a day creating the post and engaging worth the time and effort?

Or would you be better investing that into a marketing channel that brings you qualified traffic and sales every day of the week for free.

You know the answer but just need to admit to yourself that it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and try something different.

Let’s face it, on social media, your posts get shown to as little as 2%, most of which are your primary engagers (close family and friends).

The chance of reaching new people that will then go on to your website and buy or book is extremely low.

The moral of the story: focus on a marketing channel that will drive traffic consistently.

Increasing your traffic is the first crucial step to increasing your sales and revenue.

After that you can focus on your increasing your average order value and your conversion rate (increasing the amount of people that visit your website and buy or book) to increase you revenue.



The first thing you need to determine is how much website traffic and sales (or bookings) you need to hit your sales or revenue targets in this next 12 months.

Download our Traffic & Sales Calculator + Planner to figure this number out in under 2 minutes.

Then create a plan using the marketing recommendations laid out for you below.



As a business owner you need to implement the easiest way to drive potential buyers to your website (traffic).

To save you the trouble, we’ve listed the tried and tested ways that work best for almost any business type.




Ranking in Google (SEO)

Every business owner should start their marketing journey with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). SEO is the action steps you take on your website and other people’s websites to rank in Google.

It’s an easy, low maintenance way to attract people searching for exactly what you sell in Google on autopilot (without doing any of the sales heavy lifting).

Essentially you can set the bulk of it up in 6 weeks, with little management required thereafter. Best of all, the results compound over time, not cease the second you stop the work, unlike almost every other form of marketing.

It’s the first point of call for corporations and that should speak volumes for small to medium business owners too.

SEO drives 1000% more traffic than social media – if that statistic isn’t enough to get started today, I am not sure what will be.

A whopping 90% of website pages aren’t even ranking which means there is so much opportunity out there with this untapped marketing channel.

Further to that, 81% of purchases begin with a Google search.

Yes, most people head to this search Engine when they need something.

If you want to grow your business well into the future and finally live the life you started a business for, get started implementing SEO.

Ready to remove yourself from the social media hamster wheel?

We are opening the doors for the final time to our hugely popular signature SEO program SEO Made Easy.

Join the waitlist to access our exclusive early bird promotion.


Email Marketing 

Once you have your SEO set-up, dive right into email marketing (which is also free to do).

Email marketing is a super simple way to drive visitors to your website too.

Our recommendation is to send out an email weekly with a blog or whatever range or program you’d like to promote. Include links from text or images through to your website to quickly increase traffic (and sales numbers).

If you can’t send out an email weekly, move to a timeframe that works with your schedule e.g., monthly.

Email marketing produces an average $44 return for every dollar you spend so if you’re not sending out email campaigns, you’re leaving a lot of potential money on the table.

Remember: if someone is willing to share their email address with you (and get added to your email list), it’s very likely they are interested in what you sell. All you need to do is remind them of it in your email campaigns.

Don’t have an email list?

Incentivise people across your other marketing channels through a competition or discount.



One of our favourite ways to market our business is through collaborations.

Collaborations are where two or more people come together to promote a product or service that is mutually beneficial for both parties.

They are a quick way to expose your brand and build trust with an aligned audience and of course bring you more traffic to your website.

Need some collaboration suggestions?

  • Guest blog or podcast for an aligned person or brand
  • Email swap – ask an aligned business if you can promote an offer to their email list and then allow then to do the same


Paid Advertising

When you’re ready to ramp up sales, that’s when paid advertising comes in.

Paid advertising will supercharge your traffic and sales.

They amplify what is currently happening in your business so don’t start them before you have proven a reasonable number of times that you can sell using the organic (free) methods mentioned above.

Nearly everybody has an Instagram or Facebook account which means you’ll be able to access your dream audience fast.

After that, the sky is your limit.



To see your business grow, it’s imperative to analyse your current marketing and make sure you’re getting a return on your time, effort and/or dollars invested.

It’s madness to keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different result.

It saddens us to think that you could be in the same place next year, if you don’t take action.

Now is the time to change your way and starting getting more traffic to your website.

Remember: if you want to knuckle down and finally get ranking in Google once and for all, the doors are opening for the last time to our signature SEO Made Easy program next month.

Have a question? DM us over on Instagram.

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