How To Grow Your Website Traffic And Sales On Google At Lighting Speed

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Results as a business owner are critical - they inevitably determine whether you can continue in business.

That's why it's imperative to focus your marketing efforts on the right channel instead of chopping and changing your mind every time you see a new shiny object.

We get it, you want a quick fix to make money from your online store but using band-aid methods like social media isn't going to fill your inbox with sales despite what all 'marketing gurus' tell you.

Unfortunately, for the vast majority, social media isn't the answer. Those days are gone and it's time to direct your efforts towards a marketing channel that can consistently bring you sales every day of the week (and free of charge).

That my friend is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). SEO is all the actions you take on your website and on other websites to rank first place in Google.


SEO is a proven method for reaching your audience, getting more traffic to your website and increasing your sales AND money in the bank. Best of all, most of the set-up is done up-front with very little maintenance required. That's right, no posting to socials on the daily.

The results with SEO grow week after week too unlike social media where the posts expire after 24 hours, never to be pushed to your audience again.

We're going to take you through the fastest way to get results from your SEO efforts so your website profits can finally surpass your costs.

There are a few factors that determine how long it will take you to rank in Google and hit your traffic and sales goals.

Ready to never create another Reel again? If that's you, read on.


Website History

In reality, like anything, something established will see much quicker results than something completely brand new. In other words, how long your website has been around will directly influence how long it takes you to see results from you SEO efforts. New websites will take longer to get results because the domain hasn't had enough time to build up any authority. Authority is built when other reputable websites link to your website. These types of links are called backlinks.

N.B. A domain is the name of a website. It's what comes after the @ in a web address. Our domain name is

The likelihood that an established site will see results over a brand spanking new domain also depends heavily on their penalty history and whether or not the website has gone against Google's guidelines and the website owner hasn’t made the appropriate changes to put them back in Google’s good books.


Like anything in life, the level of competition is always going to impact the speed of your results. That's why we always recommend going for keywords with a lower search volume when your first start out. The search volume is how many people search the keywords per month on average in search engines like Google or Bing. 

Keywords with a lower search volume are less competitive and generally more niche and/or specific to what your audience is searching and what you offer. This can substantially help you fast track your SEO results because they are easier to WIN sales off. That means money in the bank at a much faster pace for you.

Here is an example: for Miss Marketing to win first position for the keyword ‘SEO course’, it is it going to take much longer than for us to rank than for 'SEO course for beginners'. The second option is much more niche and targeted to a specific group (less broad) and the search volume would therefore be lower. This would make it much easier to compete on. 

You can find the average monthly search volume for a keyword in tools like Semrush.

We also teach you how to do this in SEO Made Easy (doors open next month).

Authority Score

Your authority score is driven by your backlinks (links from other reputable websites to yours). Do whatever you can to try and get links pointing from other good quality sites to yours e.g., join directories. Scoring these links will help boost your authority and your position in Google for the keywords you want to rank first for.

You'll start to see a lot more traffic from Google to your website once you begin getting backlinks to your website. It's exciting to see the growth once it begins. Best of all, the more links you add, the more momentum your SEO will get. After all, it's fast SEO results you’re after, right?

Once you've got your website set-up right for SEO, add the right keywords and content and scored a reasonable number of backlinks to your site, it won’t take a lot of maintenance to keep your top position in Google.

Resource Allocation

Like anything, the more time and effort you invest, the greater the chance you have of seeing results, pronto. In other words, if you want to see faster results, allocate more resources to this marketing channel.

Thankfully, SEO is completely free to implement, so all you need is a little elbow grease to get started. Let us show you what we mean. If you have two competing websites (where all things are equal), the site that is allocating the greater amount of time/resource/effort to SEO, is likely to see quicker and better results (pending best practice is being applied).

The best part about this factor is that unlike a website’s history and its competition, allocating resources is within your control, so why not get started today.


SEO is made up of three main pillars that needs to be considered when implementing your SEO:

  • Website Set-up
  • Content (and keywords)
  • Links

Each pillar can impact the time it takes to see results. Get started with nailing your website set-up as that forms the base foundation of all you do with this marketing channel.

To find out just how long it will take you to see results from your SEO, see our blog: How long does it take to get traffic to your website using SEO.

Once you’ve implemented the bulk of your SEO, don’t forget to keep an eye on it to see just what you’re getting out of it. I recommend checking it at least every three months. On the plus side, it is relatively low maintenance when compared with other marketing tactics but like anything always need a check-up.

Search Engine Optimisation is the easiest way to get traffic to your website. Make it a key focus for your business this year. Get started today with our free Traffic and Sales Calculator and Planner. 

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