What Exactly Is SEO And Why Is It The Most Effective Way To Drive Traffic To Your Website

search engine optimisation website traffic Dec 08, 2022


This is a question now more than ever, you need to be asking.

With changes to privacy policies globally and what can be tracked, marketing has and will get a whole lot harder.

And all those basic marketing tactics that once worked to bring in effortless sales have come to a screaming halt.

In a world headed for a recession, you need to prepare ahead of your competition before it’s too late.

I am going to take you through the best place to focus your marketing efforts and get more traffic and sales now.

Soo…instead of fixating on the latest Reels trend, start investing in a strategy that can bring ready-to-buy prospects to your website every day of the week, free of charge, no questions asked!

If you're ready to finally wipe the cobwebs off your website and start getting real money in the bank from your online store, listen up, this one is for you.

SEO is how you attract real, paying clients to your site (you know that digital asset you spent months creating) so that you can finally start getting visitors and ditch the organic social media strategy reaping you very few sales and more grey hair.

If you don’t have an SEO strategy in place – whether you’re an ecommerce store owner, service provider, course or content creator or expert in your field or anyone with an online business for that matter, it’s time to start asking how you can implement one STAT.

Let’s take it from the top and trust me SEO is not as hard or difficult to learn as you think.


SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation (or Optimization if you’re American).

It's all the steps you take to help your website or content rank in the top positions of the search results pages in Google, Bing and any other search engines when somebody makes a search relating to what you sell.

SEO itself requires actions by you on your own website and other websites. These steps will help boost you to position one, so your website ranks well in Google for the keywords that best describe what you sell.

N.B. Paid ads are a separate beast to SEO. SEO is completely free to set-up and run.


If you sell vintage designer jewellery or local photography services and want to rank in the top spot for these keywords in Google, implementing SEO will help you score that position.


If you owned a real store front, it would be all the actions you take to get foot traffic into your shop. Without people coming to visit, you’re not going to get sales because no one will see what you sell.

It works the same online - people don't magically come to your online store, you need to take certain actions to get the traffic and that's exactly what SEO will do online (and for free).


SEO is important because it brings visibility to your website. It lets people making a Google search know that you offer a certain product or service. Without implementing SEO, you won’t appear in those search results which means you’ll need to find alternative ways to get traffic to your website like social media. Social media is a whole lot harder to get sales and doesn’t convert anywhere near as well as SEO.

Consider how many people actually see your social media posts, let alone head to your website from them and buy.

It makes total sense to capture users when they are making a Google search because they are making a very specific search and looking to buy from a website that is selling what they're after.

Just think…the more you show up in search results, the more you’ll attract your ideal audience to your site, grow your traffic AND your sales.

Come with me as we take a look at how SEO works.

There are a few things you need to cover off when you get started, but once you’re there, this marketing strategy requires very little ongoing maintenance especially compared to the likes of social media which is much more demanding on the daily.


SEO is made up of three main components that work together to score you in those top positions of search engines like Google.


Technical SEO (Website Optimisations)

Technical SEO is how your website is built and functions. It’s broken down into three main factors:

  1. Speed - how quickly your website loads and responds to a user’s interactions.
  2. Mobile responsiveness – how well your website adjusts and responds on different device sizes and shapes.
  3. Crawlability – search engines crawl the web using links to find and index content to add to it's library, including yours. It’s important you install the right tools and resources Google needs to do its job otherwise Google and your audience may not find your site - even though you spent months creating it and are still paying for it to be shown.

Content includes all the words, images, graphics, videos and content on your website’s pages and posts and how they’re optimised for search engines like Google.

It’s important to understand what your ideal audience is typing into Google so you can add those keywords and phrases to all the correct places on your website and impress the Google search engine algorithm.


Backlinks are links from other websites to yours such as a directory linking to your website. They help boost you to position one in Google. When a website has links from other reputable websites to yours, this indicates to Google that your website is credible and should be trusted. This indication to Google gives them reason to boost your website higher in the search results pages for the keywords you've added across your website.


Other Signals

There are other minor signals that will impact your ranking, but we recommend to start by focusing on the top three mentioned above. You’ll be sure to create a website that pleases Google and others alike.


Begin your SEO journey today with our free Traffic and Sales Calculator and Planner. 

I'll also be running a free traffic and sales masterclass in the new year so keep your eyes peeled for that.


There are countless ways to drive traffic to your site but why wouldn’t you want to implement an easy, free tactic that requires minimal maintenance.

With over 5.6 billion searches a day, being in the top position of search engines means you'll simply be matched with primed buyers searching for products or services like yours.

As you can see, SEO is a complete no brainer and 100% worth implementing, starting today. Not sure where to begin, send us a DM.

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