Ready To Make Your First 100k, 200k Or Even 1m Dollars? Take This One Small Action Today To Get More Sales

website traffic Sep 19, 2023
Website Traffic, Sales and Revenue Calculator and Plan

Ready to finally hit your revenue goal?

It is possible but you can’t just fix your focus on the final dollar amount.

You need to mathematically reverse engineer that revenue dollar figure into measurable KPIs and then create an action plan to hit those metrics.

In this instance, you need to know how much website traffic you need to reach your revenue goal. 

This means how many clicks do you need to get to your product, service or webinar invitation pages to reach a revenue figure you’ll be satisfied with.

On average, only about two out of every 100 people that visit your website buy. This means you’re likely going to need to get a lot of traffic (and the right kind) to hit the ambitious revenue targets you’ve set.

You will also need to make sure your website is converting. We cover that in the download too. There is no point sending traffic to a website that is not getting sales or bookings. It's alike to a leaky bucket.

Above all, it is important to know that it is possible to create your dream business.

You just need the right calculations to determine this traffic amount and an action plan to get there.

We're giving you exclusive access to our done-for-you Website Traffic and Sales Revenue Calculator and Planner so you can determine exactly how much traffic you need to hit your sales revenue goal this year and beyond.

Once you know how much traffic you need to hit your sales goal, break that goal down into a monthly target.

You then need to create a solid plan for getting there and commit to hitting that number.

Your plan is your marketing efforts to hit your traffic, sales and revenue. This could be Search Engine Optimisation, Meta Ads, Google Ads, email campaigns or social media. 

There are numerous ways to drive traffic to your business but you need to make sure you’re getting the best value for your time and money.

Next time you are struggling to get website traffic, resist the urge to just post on social media, and instead access this guide to better plan out your traffic growth strategy.

In our planner, we offer up our best ideas to bring the right traffic in droves to your website.

Reaching your revenue goal does involve having the right mindset but you can’t get completely lost in the emotion of it, you must understand the mathematics of it too.

Again we reiterate, know the target traffic figure you’re going after and do whatever it takes to hit that traffic KPI.

Ready to make your first 100k, 200k or even million dollar year?  

Download our guide and follow the simple instructions inside.

Need help with the calculations or direction to take? Send us an email.

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Free Website Traffic and Sales Calculator and Planner

Determine exactly how much traffic you need to hit your sales revenue goal this year and beyond (and the best way to get there).

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