Creating a Website Traffic Strategy To Drive Consistent Sales (Free)

search engine optimisation website traffic Feb 05, 2024
Strategy To Increase Website Traffic


Have you found it a challenge to get your website in front of the right people?

Perhaps you don't know where to start or don't have the budget to invest in Facebook or Google Ads.

It's really important to implement a sold traffic strategy to get your brand and website in front of the right people so that they can buy or book from you.

Without traffic to your website, it will be near impossible to grow your business.

Your traffic strategy should include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)—all the steps you take on and off your website to rank in search engines like Google.

After all, SEO is the main source of traffic to a website.

 It will help you attract the right people to your digital home and is one of the untapped free ways to get these right people to your website.

So many business owners don't put the time and energy into it simply because it seems to technical (and scary) and time consuming, but it's not.

Want to know more?

Join Launch Strategist and I on her Imperfect Action podcast as we deep dive into the world of SEO and the value it can provide your business (and where you can simply get started today).

Steph's podcast Imperfect Action has had over 1.7 million downloads and counting.

Here is what we cover in this episode:

  • Understanding SEO and the power of an effective traffic strategy (and tips to create one)
  • Why SEO should be a priority in your business and the 3 key elements for beginners
  • Where SEO fits in with all your broader marketing plan and your traffic strategy for your business
  • Handy hacks to increase your domain authority and the importance of driving backlinks
  • Debunking common misconceptions of SEO and the pros and cons of DIY vs hiring an agency
  • The simple steps you can take now to optimise your reach
  • How to use Chat-GPT and AI tools in your SEO process to save time

Tune in now to find out how to grow you website traffic whilst your sleep.




“Hello, everyone! And thank you, Steph. I'm so excited to be here. I am actually very honored that you've had me on as an expert. I've learned so much from you and I'm your number one cheerleader. So this is very exciting.”



“This is such an important area and there are so many businesses and entrepreneurs that don't actually touch on this but essentially in order to get leads, sales, and revenue, you need to be getting traffic to your website because if there's no visibility and you're not getting any visitors, then you're never going to be able to sell anything because there's nobody to sell anything to.

So, on average your website conversion rate is about 2%, which means that for every hundred people that visit your website, two people will take the action that you want. So in saying all that, if you are only getting two sales per hundred people that come to visit, you're going to need to get a lot of traffic to actually hit your revenue goals.

You need to be looking at your numbers in order to be able to have a proper marketing strategy. Otherwise, you're just going in blind and you won't be able to hit those revenue goals that you want.”



“Essentially the way that we do it at TDE is we look at your revenue goal for the year and we have a calculator that I can share with you that actually does all this for you. So basically it'll say, what's your conversion rate on your website? Then, what's the average spend that people make with you whether it's a service, program or product? After that, it'll spit out how much traffic you need to get to hit your revenue goal. 

We then get our students and our clients to work out what kind of traffic they're currently getting already and how much by using Google Analytics or the analytics in the back end of their website and then see what the difference is between their current traffic and goal traffic amount.

We like to look at where the traffic is coming from mostly now, whether it be from Search Engine Optimisation, social media, or paid advertising. Then we work out where you're getting the best bang for your buck. So where are you spending the least amount of time or money, but you're actually getting the best results.

The next step is to start putting more time and effort into those areas. Generally, we find it's the same kind of areas to focus on across most businesses and it's different to what people think it is. We find a lot of people think it's social media that's driving the traffic but if you actually look in your analytics or your insights on Instagram for example, you could be getting on average two people a month visiting your website from Instagram. If you need a hundred people to make a sale, it's going to take you months and months to get sales based on a traffic strategy from Instagram. That's why you need to look at other strategies to boost your bookings and sales”



“SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, is all the actions that you take on and off your website in order to rank in first place in Google. Now, just as a bit of a fun fact...SEO drives a thousand percent more traffic than social media, which is huge, and 91 percent of pages don't even have an organic traffic strategy so there is so much opportunity in Google.

So, essentially there are actions that you can take on and off your website. There might be things like making sure your website is set up right. This includes making sure that each page of your website is loading in under three seconds, has relevant keywords in all the right places and then off your website would be getting people to link to your website.

You can get links through directories or guest posting, things like that. Having a Search Engine Optimisation strategy is going to get those people searching Google (if you score first place) coming to your website. Even if you're in the top three positions you've got the highest chance of getting traffic to your website and that's going to increase how much traffic is coming to your website which is basically going to help you get more leads and sales. If you want to get two leads or sales, you need at least 100 people coming to your website so you need to make sure you're increasing that traffic. Search Engine Optimization is a free way to do that, is super simple and low maintenance as well compared to social media.”



“It is not as difficult as people think. I would generally go to an expert's website or blog to have a look at what they're telling you to do but just to give you a bit of a breakdown, it does include three main areas, which is your website set up, then you've got your keywords and your keyword optimisation. This includes finding those keywords that people are searching to find products, services or programs like yours and adding them to all the right places on your website and then there is your backlinks.

So you've got those three main areas, but I would generally start by looking at an experts' pages because that's going to be the simplest way.



“SEO is something that you can do at any stage of your business, but I think it's best to do it when you're first making your website because then you can include all the elements that you need as you're doing the build. In saying that, even if you've done the build, it's not too difficult to go back and just audit your website and check everything and start adding what you need to rank, in.

So I would say it's best to do it from when you first start. When you first start, you might not have a budget to do marketing. So most people start off with a social media page and don't get me wrong, it's great to have an online presence, but don't just spend stacks of time there because you're not going to necessarily see that needle moving very fast without paid advertising, 

Plus, you shouldn't really be starting paid advertising until you've got a proven sales system that works, meaning your website is converting at two percent. So I would say get your SEO set up from day one because you're bringing qualified traffic to your website. It's a free way to market your business.

People are searching for the exact keywords that describe what you offer or sell. It's a no-brainer and not only that, it's got longevity, and all the actions you take compound over time.

So, essentially, if you set up your SEO today, your SEO is only going to get better and bring you more traffic as time goes on. It makes more sense to do it now, so it keeps giving you traffic for years to come, unlike something like social media where the post basically expires after 24 hours. If your post doesn't get engagement in the first hour, it pretty much dies off, and you could spend an hour a day creating something in Canva, writing a caption, editing it, engaging etc. and get zero traffic.

Alternatively, you could spend an hour writing a blog and getting backlinks to it or finding some backlinks and the SEO strategy is going to bring you so much more traffic, which will then lead to lead, sales and revenue in the long run.”



“I usually say at least three to six months. The thing is, a lot of people are doing the technical setup and the keywords but they're not doing the backlinks. So as soon as you start implementing the backlinks, and you give it like a month or two months for Google to start crawling those pages and kicking in, that's when you're going to start seeing results.

Before you add those backlinks, you're probably not going to see a lot of traction. It's the backlinks that are really going to drive you up in the search engines towards position one.”



“I think one of the main ones is that people think it costs money. They think that it's not free to do, and it's related to Google Ads. Google Ads is a completely separate beast. The second one is that it's going to be super time-consuming. The main misconception overall is that SEO is super techie and hard. So, I mean, it's not techie. It is a little bit techie, but if you have the right person to guide you or you're following the right tutorial and you know the exact things to look for, it's just ticking those boxes. It's not as scary as people think. 

Now, there is so much powerful software out there that does 90 percent of the work for you too.” 



“So, if you were doing it in a program, you could do the bulk of the work upfront, say in maybe 20 to 30 hours. After that, you could probably do an hour a week and see results. You don't even need to do an hour a week. It's just if you want to keep growing your keywords, getting to position one and increasing your traffic even more. It all depends how many bookings or sales you can handle as a business.

I find that most of the work you could get done at the start and then you could review it again in six months' time (if you want to go after bigger and more high-volume keywords). So overall, I would say about 20 to 30 hours. This sounds like a lot, but it's not. If you just knuckle down, spend three to five hours a week getting it done and then an hour ever week after that. It's not much for the ROI when you think about the time and effort it takes you to manage your social media”



“Doing it yourself, obviously, you're going to save money, but it's going to cost you time. That's the difference. So, I would say one of the main benefits is that you're learning a skill that's probably not going to go out of fashion for a long time. People say is SEO dead.  It's not because there's always going to be things that people are researching. It may just evolve to look a little bit differently. It's a skill that you would benefit from for years to come, so that would be the main thing. 

A positive side of getting an agency to do it is that they are the experts so they might be able to get quicker results for you but it all depends on your budget and where you want to spend it.” 



“The favourite tool that I've been sharing with everyone lately (and they've been loving) is Neil Patel's Keyword Optimisation AI tool. So, essentially what you can do is you can put in your keyword or your keyword phrase into the tool and it'll pop out a headline with that keyword, it will pop out a title tag and all the elements you need to optimise a keyword for your webpage.  You can also do that in ChatGPT. You can say, Hey, ChatGPT, please write me a keyword description for this keyword phrase. You can definitely achieve the same outcome with Chat GPT but I really love Neil Patel's tool because it does all the areas that you need for keyword optimisation and obviously, Neil Patel is a huge SEO expert. This means this tool will be spitting out what you need pretty accurately. You can then go on and tweak with your brand's tone of voice.” 



Want the inside scoop on how to grow your website traffic and sales, so you can finally live life on your own terms?

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Free Website Traffic and Sales Calculator and Planner

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