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facebook ads Feb 09, 2024
Meta Ads Conversion API


Facebook Ads tracking has changed dramatically over the past few years.

If you were fortunate enough to run ads pre-Apple iOS 14.5 update, you would know how accurate the data was particularly when it came to tracking the results of campaigns. This all changed with the Apple update, until recently when Meta introduced the Conversion API.

The Apple iOS 14.5 update limited what actions advertisers like you could track when people left the Facebook or Instagram Apps using iOS devices, impacting the accuracy of the data. This meant they couldn’t see the exact amount of leads or sales they were getting and at what cost, making it difficult to adjust and optimise campaigns to achieve better results.

To counteract this issue, Meta created the Conversion API which allows advertisers to send conversion events directly from their website server to Meta’s server.

Conversion events are actions that users take on a website or app such as making a purchase or completing a lead magnet form.

Using the Conversion API allows you as an online advertiser to be able to track and report on these conversion events in the Ads Manager more accurately and in real time.



Historically Meta used pixel-based tracking. Events were tracked on your browsers like Google or Safari. Now the conversion API enables server-to-server communication such as Shopify speaking directly to Meta. This means conversion events are sent directly from the server where the action occurred (e.g., Shopify) to Meta.

Browser tracking can be blocked by browser-based cookies. Implementing the Conversion API means that you don’t have to rely on these browser-based cookies which can be restricted by privacy measures.

Another benefit of the Conversion API is attribution modelling. Server-side tracking allows for more accurate attribution modelling. This means that we can track the actions users take for long periods of time with this set-up.

Users don’t always take action (e.g., make a purchase) the moment they see an ad. It’s important we can track the actions of users for longer periods of time so that we can better understand the customer journey and the impact of our ads on various advertising touchpoints.

The Conversion API has allowed us to increase the time we can track actions from Meta Ads.

Currently, here are the common attribution windows for Meta Ads:

1. Click-Through Attribution:

When a user clicks an advertisement on Facebook or Instagram and takes a conversion action like making a purchase, it is typically tracked for up to 28 days.


2. View-Through Attribution:

When a user sees an advertisement on Facebook or Instagram but doesn’t click on it and later takes a conversion action like a purchase or completes a form, it is typically tracked for up to 28 days.

See the YouTube video below for where to locate the Attribution Settings.



Given the reasons mentioned above, we highly recommend you set-up the Meta Conversion API as soon as possible if you are running ads.

It can seem complicated but, in the video below we take you through a quick and easy way to set up the Meta Conversion API.

If you don’t have a WordPress or Shopify site, don’t worry, the process of setting up the Conversion API has become a lot simpler recently.

If you set-up your pixel and you’re technically minded, you should be able to find a YouTube video or instructions to set-up your website. Otherwise reach out to your developer to complete this step for you.

Note: it’s important to understand the privacy regulations for the regions that you operate. If you implement the Conversion API and are tracking and/or storing data, you will need to include this in your privacy policy.

We can’t reiterate enough how important it is to set-up the Conversions API for accuracy of data and the optimisation and performance of your Meta Ads campaigns. If you are running Meta Ads, please implement this step as soon as you can.



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