How Hannah Ferrier's Team At O.I.T.A Generated 7c Leads Using Facebook Ads

facebook ads Oct 27, 2022

Considering launching your first Facebook Ads campaign but not sure where to start OR, created an ad in the past that's been an epic fail A.K.A waste of time, money and effort?

Today, we are breaking down a highly successful Facebook Ads campaign and strategy by Oceans International Trading Academy (O.I.T.A) and exactly what they did to generate 7 cent leads (yes, you heard right), leads that only cost seven cents each. When we say leads, we mean email contacts. O.I.T.A used ads to build their email list so that they could later sell their course to these people.


O.I.T.A teaches aspiring yachties the ins and outs of the industry including how to secure their first job on a SUPERYACHT in their 3-level training program.

O.I.T.A is headed up by chief stewardess herself Hannah Ferrier and her partner in crime Anastasia Surmuva. Together, they teach future seaman and woman around the globe how to ditch their mundane lives on land and travel the world on a superyacht.

Where do we sign up Hannah?

Hannah reached out to us here at The Digital Exchange when they were getting ready to launch their program at O.I.T.A. They were originally planning to get us to manage their Facebook Ads until I suggested she get somebody in her team to learn how to do them instead.

Facebook Ads is a powerful skill to have within your business and not as difficult (or overwhelming) to learn as you may think. You just need to be shown the right way by an expert or team (that you know is producing results).

Enter Cameron, the O.I.T.A Social Media Manager and superstar student in this own right. He gave A+ effort and produced the best results we’ve seen in one of our Ace Your Ads workshops from all his learnings.

Cameron joined our ‘Ace Your Ads’ Facebook Ads Training workshop with the goal of generating more leads and sales for their O.I.T.A training course and his results were ground-breaking.


Because he followed the exact set-up and methodology we gave him in our Ace Your Ads workshop, testing and optimising different audiences and creative until he basically reached perfection. By fine-tuning each element of the campaign set-up, Cam managed to find the sweet spot of exactly who O.I.T.A's audience is and what resonates with them, with his ads.

Would anyone else be happy with seven cent leads? That's a heck yes!


Don’t get me wrong, O.I.T.A have an incredible OFFER which is always the first tick of approval you need before running ads.

Without a product, service or program that your audience wants, no amount of ground-breaking creative, targeting or perfectly set-up campaigns will make up for an offer with zero demand.

So how exactly did O.I.T.A achieve these results?


When it comes to setting up a campaign correctly, there are a few items you need to nail and that’s exactly what O.I.T.A did. It may have taken a little testing to optimise towards perfection, but they did it.

Here they are:

1. Sales Offer

Having an offer that sells is paramount and by sales offer we mean your actual product, service, or courses and how it’s packaged as a whole from your pricing to the inclusions, messaging and how you set yourself apart in the marketplace. If you know you have an offer that converts, Facebook Ads is a great scaling tool.

O.I.T.A had pre-validated their idea with their audience first before they began running ads, reinforcing that their Facebook Ads were likely to work for their business and bring in the leads and sales they were aiming for. If you haven't gotten sales organically (consistently), we don't recommend running Facebook Ads.

It’s imperative to select the right campaign objective when creating your Facebook Ads campaign. Choose the objective most aligned with your final goal for that campaign. For example, if you want leads, choose leads as the campaign objective, if you want sales, choose sales. 

The same theory applies to conversion events in Facebook Ads. If you want sales from your campaign, choose ‘purchases’ as your conversion event, not ‘add to cart’. Unfortunately, we see this error all the time and it’s such a simple mistake to avoid.

O.I.T.A knew they wanted leads and sales from their campaigns and went with those objectives for their relevant campaigns.


After doing their research and from their experience in the industry, Hannah and Ana had a firm understanding of who their audience was before they began their Facebook Ads. This made the whole process a lot easier when setting up the campaigns as we could easily input the geographical locations, gender, age, languages and interests they wanted to target.

As per what they learnt in the program, they tested different audiences and targeting options until and even after they had reached their 7c leads to ensure they were consistently building their email list with high quality people, at the lowest possible cost.

4. Set-up and Testing

O.I.T.A followed the exact set-up we taught in our Ace Your Ads workshop from selecting the right campaign objective, to testing out different audience targeting options and creative to finding their sweet spot for scoring leads on autopilot. We think hitting seven cent leads on one of your first campaigns is pretty remarkable. Don't you agree?

One thing you will learn in our workshop is that testing and optimising your ads is an ongoing process. All ads experience fatigue so it’s important to refresh them when they start to get a little stale and stop producing results.

To take that one step further – Cameron also didn’t tweak his campaigns too much. This is absolute NO NO. Don’t make any changes to your ads until they’ve been running for at least seven days. Every time you make a change, give Meta at least five to seven days before making any more changes.

5. Ad Creative

O.I.T.A wanted to hit the ground running and organised a professional photoshoot that they hands-down knew would appeal to their target audience and that it did.

Not only that, they used creative copy and headlines that appealed to their dream students and it dare we say, reeled them in.

Take a look for yourself below. Anyone else ready to quit their online business for a sailing career on the Mediterranean.

6. Landing Page

Where you send your audience after they click your Facebook Ads needs to reflect exactly what was in the ad. The experience needs to be seamless from the branding to the layout and the offer on the page. O.I.T.A nailed this perfectly. They followed up with a irresistible program that future yachties couldn't wait to get their hands on.


We spoke to Cameron after the training to find out his favourite and most difficult part of the training.

Here it is:

“I’d say my favourite part of the Ace Your Ads training workshop was that Nicki from The Digital Exchange was so knowledgeable and gave us each personalised one-on-one help within the workshop itself, even though it was in a group setting.

I liked the whole idea of testing different media, copy, headlines, and audiences etc. I think that was super helpful and what made our results so successful.

Nicki is very thorough and helped me learn so much in a short period of time.

The hardest part was with the pixel and audience tracking. Facebook changed how they track everything right after the training, so it took a little getting used to but those changes are completely out of their control and Nicki taught us how to handle it.

I would definitely recommend Nicki to anyone looking for Facebook Ads help.”

So, there you have it.

Now you can see why O.I.T.A’s campaign was so successful.


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