Facebook Ads AI Tools To Improve Results And Save Time

facebook ads Jan 18, 2024
Facebook Ads AI Tools

Meta has announced the release of three new Facebook AI tools for ad creatives that will improve the personalisation, performance, and productivity of all advertisers (if they choose to use them).



  • Background Generation
  • Image Expansion
  • Text Variations

You may not see all the new features available in your account yet. Meta trials new features in certain accounts and eventually rolls them out to all advertisers.

Let’s go through each feature in a little bit more detail.



The background generation tool allows advertisers to create multiple backgrounds for their product images via a text input or instruction. Advertisers can swap the current background of their image out and replace it with something that is more likely to capture the user’s attention. This feature is specifically for ecommerce brands using Advantage+ Catalogue Ads. 

Many brands often use a plain background for their image. You will now have the option to test different backgrounds including a variety of colours and images that you may never have created yourself, had photographed or designed. This is especially good for beginners with limited budget or time.

Using this feature could help highlight your product and make it stand out in the feed. This is exactly what you want when it comes to Meta Ads. You want to stop the scroll so that the user may then go on to read the ad and click through to your website or landing page and purchase or book.

This feature provides a quick and simple way to tailor your ad creatives, and test and optimise different variations to improve your results. Remember: the ad creative has a large impact on the performance of the campaign and this tool will allow for creativity and customisation at scale.

This feature will appear under Optimize media with Advantage+ creative at the Ad Level of the Meta Ads Manager.



Image expansion is where your creative asset is seamlessly adjusted via AI to fit different aspect ratios for various ad placement (sizes) like the feed, reels, or stories.

Let’s go through an example of how this may look. If you had a square image for the feed advertisement and wanted a vertical format for the story’s placement, the new image expansion tool would elongate the image, adding surface above and below the image to fit the placement. Essentially it's adjusting the size of the image to fit the placement.

The beauty of this tool is that is allows you as an advertiser to spend less time and resource repurposing creative assets for different placement sizes and shapes. Instead, the AI feature does all the customising for you. You can create multiple asset variations with the click of a button.

It’s believed that having graphics that fit the placement of where they are being shown will increase clicks and improve the performance of your ads so it is worth testing this feature to see if does boost your results.

This feature will appear under Optimize media with Advantage+ creative at the Ad Level of the Meta Ads Manager.



The third AI feature is the text variation tool. You simply input copy for your ad and the new feature will generate multiple versions of ad text.

When it comes to Meta Advertising, the more testing you do, the better results you will get. This tool helps you create text variations highlighting the key selling points of your products or services that you (or your copywriter) may never have thought up.

It’s also important to note that Meta has a lot of data available. It would draw on this data to create better text suggestions and sentence structures that are more likely to drive a user to take action, and inevitably improve the performance of your campaigns.

This feature will appear under the copy field at the Ad Level of the Meta Ads Manager.

Watch the YouTube video below to see a demonstration of these new Facebook Ads AI tools.

Once you have the new AI features rolled out in your account, go through their suggestions, and determine whether you think their recommendations are worthwhile implementing and suit your brand voice.

With any new AI feature, it’s always worth running your eye over it as it's not a human. Given the data available to Meta, it’s very likely to improve the performance of your campaign and worth a test at the very least.

Meta is working hard to improve the performance of our campaigns as it means we’ll spend more (it’s in their best interest).

These three new AI features will guarantee time and resource savings that allow us as advertisers to focus on being more strategic with our advertising and messaging and consequently drive better results from our campaigns.

Send us a DM on Instagram and tell us about your experience with these new Facebook Ads AI tools.

Not sure if your brand is ready for Meta Ads? Download our free Meta Ads Starter Checklist to quickly determine if your business is ready to invest in Facebook and Instagram Ads (before you spend a cent).

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