How Oak And Orange Grew Their Website Traffic By 26x By Implementing SEO

search engine optimisation Apr 01, 2024
Example SEO Strategy


Wondering how Oak and Orange 26x their website visitors in just over a year (and were then able to increase their prices and revenue as a result of this).

In today’s blog, we’re taking you through the exact steps Oak and Orange took to skyrocket their website traffic growth (free) and score these impressive results.

You heard right! We are sharing with you how you can implement the very same SEO strategy, finally get ranking in Google and achieve a huge increase in website traffic, sales and revenue too.

For those of you who may not know, Oak and Orange teach people just like you how to build, design and style their dream homes, in the most beautiful and practical way possible.

Successful builders wives and content creators Heather and Sarah were getting ample visitors to their website before starting their SEO journey. The dynamic duo had a marketing plan that was helping them grow their website traffic, but it was costly.

N.B. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all the actions you take on your website and other people's websites to rank first place in Google and grow your website traffic, sales and revenue (free).


As content creators, Oak and Orange were constantly looking for ways to drive traffic to their website as this is one of the ways they get paid. A lot of the traffic to their website was via referral traffic like emails and home building product suppliers and/or it wasn't free, meaning it came via Facebook Ads, Google Ads, PR, plus a whole lot more. They knew there was a more efficient and cheaper way.

Heather and Sarah wanted to capture the exact people searching for their content in Google so they could grow their organic website traffic with SEO (free) but weren't sure where to start until they asked us.

Not only that, they were adding content to their website weekly, but their website traffic wasn’t noticeably growing because they weren't taking the right actions steps on their website and other people's websites to achieve that. Essentially they were doing what a lot of business owners do, they were winging their SEO.

This meant all their hard work wasn’t being recognised.

That’s when the pair decided it was time to start doing SEO properly so that they could get matched with the exact people searching for their content in Google (and free).

Once they started doing their SEO their organic website traffic grew at a rapid pace. Their content was a match made in heaven.



In 2021, the Oak and Orange SEO journey began, and the rest is history.

Busy mums, Sarah and Heather followed the exact framework we teach in our signature SEO course SEO Made Easy (which is currently open for enrolment).


1. Technical SEO

Firstly, a technical audit was completed to ensure the website was set-up correctly. This included checking the websites crawlability, website speed and mobile responsiveness.

  • Crawlability ensures that Google can find your website and index it in it's library so that it’s ready to show someone your content when they search a keyword that describes what you sell.

  • Website speed refers to how quickly your site loads and responds to a user’s interactions. The user experience is extremely important to search engines like Google. If your site is too slow then people will bounce out and move on to the next search result indicating to Google that you website isn’t a good recommendation and it may choose to not show it again for that keyword search.

  • Mobile Responsiveness is how well your website adjusts and responds to different device sizes and shapes. Nearly everybody uses a smartphone now so it’s extremely important that your website renders well for these devices. Even more importantly, Google ranks you based on your mobile site (not your desktop site). 

2. Content and Keywords

Next, came the content and keyword strategy. As content creators themselves, it was very important to Heather and Sarah that their website had high quality copy and media that included the keywords their audience were searching.

So they got to work and chose keywords that they knew they could compete on for every relevant page of their website. They didn’t stop there. They created a list of content topics they knew based off research, their audience wanted to know about and found all the matching keywords to add to their website. This perfectly curated content has landed them a huge audience and traffic growth since they began their SEO journey and it continues to increase everyday.

3. Backlinks

Finally, it was time for the backlinks which are simply links from other websites to theirs (or yours). Heather and Sarah created several guest blogs and pitched appearances across different supplier websites to grow their credibility with Google. Increasing the amount of links from other quality sites to your website increases your likelihood of scoring position one in Google for your chosen keywords.

The duo also added themselves to a few relevant directories and went back to old media groups that had mentioned them on their website but not linked to them to ensure they scored those backlinks too. By doing this, this quadrupled their backlinks in less than a year and increased their domain authority (an important score when it comes to outranking your competition).

Don’t get me wrong – Heather and Sarah achieved most of this on their own. They too are busy mums and full-time business owners who saw the potential of SEO, did the work and are now receiving the dividends of what they implemented.

The best part of it all is that SEO delivers results for years to come with very little maintenance required. When you have this realisation, the decision becomes a complete no brainer.



The results from Oak and Orange following our 3-Step SEO Framework were staggering. 

Within a year, Heather and Sarah has 26x their website traffic to 2600 visitors per month.


They now rank for over 5000 keywords with over 100 of them in the top positions.

You too can achieve the same results by making the same decision to set up your SEO.

The duo made the commitment to getting their SEO SEO done and it paid off exponentially. They now have a consistent and free marketing channel set-up that is driving traffic and sales to their website on autopilot.

Would growing your website traffic at the same rate as Heather and Sarah allow you to finally live life on your own terms?

Whether it be a huge growth in revenue, freedom and flexibility or impact that you after (and less time posting on socials with little ROI to show for it), then SEO can do that for your business.

N.B. Only two out of every 100 people that visit your website take your desired action like book or buy. You're going to need a lot more traffic than you think to hit your sales goals. Download our handy calculator to see how much traffic you need to hit those ambitious targets and live the lifestyle you want.


Here are some kind words from Heather and Sarah about our signature SEO program

"We have grown our organic web traffic by 26x what it was when we first started.

Nicki has been fantastic to work with. We have gone from doing absolutely no SEO whatsoever to implementing simple, easy and affordable SEO to help grow our brand. Yes - it's completely free to do. Most importantly her wealth of knowledge has helped us to grow our email database substantially instead of just relying on social media which we could lose at the drop of a hat. What has impressed us most about our SEO strategy is the reward vs the outlay – it really is such a cost-effective way to build an audience. 

In just over a year, we have grown our organic traffic by 26x. When we first started we had 102 visits to our website a month and we are now averaging 2600 visits and it's growing rapidly. We couldn't be happier. Thanks so much Nicki."



If you need help growing your traffic and sales consistently, we are running a free masterclass next week. We will take you through 3 Free and Simple Strategies To Grow Your Traffic and Sales Now (Without Social Media). Register free here.



Want to hear more about Oak and Orange's journey with us. Next Wednesday 10th April at 7pm AEST / 9th April at 2am PST OR 9am GMT we are jumping on an Instagram live. Follow our Instagram for access and more details.  


If you want to follow our simple roadmap to implementing SEO and achieving the same or even better results than Oak and Orange, and are looking for a little extra support to hold your hand whilst you do—the doors to our signature program SEO Made Easy are officially OPEN next week.

In this program we provide all the tutorials, templates and technical support you need to be able to reach more people, drive traffic to your website and make more sales with SEO—all without spending a cent or having to constantly show up on social media. Join the waitlist for access to special bonuses.

Let this be the year you implement a marketing channel that brings you revenue consistently and sustainably and does all the heavy lifting so you can create your dream business.

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