How Oak And Orange Grew Their Website Traffic By 26x By Implementing SEO

search engine optimisation Feb 07, 2023


Wondering how Oak and Orange 26x their web traffic in just over a year?

In today’s blog, we’re taking you through the exact steps Oak and Orange took to skyrocket their organic (free) web traffic and score these epic results.

Yes, you heard right, we’re sharing with you how you can implement the very same SEO strategy, finally get ranking in Google and achieve epic results too.

In case you’ve missed them, Oak and Orange teach people just like you how to build, design and style their dream homes, in the most beautiful AND practical way possible.

Successful content creators Heather and Sarah were already getting attention before starting their SEO journey. The dynamic duo had a marketing plan that was helping them grow their website traffic, but it was costly.

N.B. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all the actions you take on your website and other people's websites to rank first place in Google and grow your website traffic, sales and money in the bank.


On top of that, the pair were well aware of the changes to privacy laws coming and how it was going to impact their ability to grow their businesses with their current marketing channels. Paid advertising is now a whole lot harder since the option to retarget interested buyers has been limited to by Apple. They decided it was time to pivot, ahead of the competition. The best way to do this was with a solid SEO strategy.

As content creators, Oak and Orange were consistently driving traffic to their website but a lot was via referral traffic like emails and suppliers and/or wasn’t FREE A.K.A Facebook Ads, Google, Ads, PR, plus a whole lot more. They knew there was a better, cheaper way.

Heather and Sarah wanted to capture the exact people searching for their content in Google so they could grow their organic website traffic with SEO (FREE).

Not only that, they were adding content to their website weekly, but their website traffic wasn’t noticeably growing because they weren't taking the right actions steps on their website and other peoples websites to achieve that.

This meant all their hard work wasn’t being recognised.

That’s when the pair decided it was time to start doing SEO - a free marketing tactic that would match those people searching for their content in Google with them. Once they started doing their SEO - their organic traffic grew at a rapid pace. It was quite literally was a match made in heaven.


In 2021, the Oak and Orange SEO journey began, and the rest is history.

The content creators followed the exact steps we teach in our signature SEO course SEO Made Easy (which is currently open for enrolment).


1. Technical SEO

Straight up, a technical audit was completed to ensure the website was set-up correctly. The technical audit included checking the websites crawlability, site (and page) speed and mobile responsiveness.

  • Crawlability ensures that Google can find your website and index it in it's library so that it’s ready to show someone your content when they search a keyword that describes what you sell.

  • Site (and page) speed refers to how quickly your website loads and responds to a user’s interactions. The user experience is extremely important to search engines like Google. If your site is too slow then people will bounce out and move on to the next search result indicating to Google that you website isn’t a good recommendation and it may choose to not show it again for that keyword search.

  • Mobile Responsiveness is how well your website adjusts and responds to different device sizes and shapes. Nearly EVERYBODY uses a smartphone now so it’s super important that your website renders well for these devices as Google ranks you based on your mobile site (not your desktop site). Who knew?!

2. Content and Keywords

Next, came the content and keyword strategy. As content creators themselves, it was super important to Heather and Sarah that their website had high quality copy and media that included the keywords their audience was searching.

So, the girls got to work and chose keywords that they knew they could compete on for EVERY page of their website. They didn’t stop there. They created a list of content topics they knew based off research, their audience wanted to know about and found all the matching keywords to add to their website. This content has landed them huge audience and traffic growth since they began their SEO journey and it continues to increase everyday.

3. Backlinks

Finally, it was time for backlinks which are simply links from other websites to theirs (or yours). Heather and Sarah created several guest posts, blogs and appearances across different supplier websites to grow their credibility with Google. Increasing the amount of links from other quality sites to your website increases your likelihood of scoring position one in Google for your chosen keywords.

The duo also added themselves to a few relevant directories and went back to old media groups that had mentioned them on their website but not linked to them to ensure they scored those backlinks too. By doing this, this quadrupled their backlinks in less than a year. Way to go girls.

Don’t get me wrong – Heather and Sarah achieved most of this on their own. They too are busy mums and full-time biz owners who saw the potential of SEO and took it by the horns and are now receiving the dividends of what they implemented. Best of all, SEO delivers results for years to come with very little maintenance required. Complete no brainer to implement, right?

Fast forward a year and the girls have 26x their traffic and this is only the beginning.

They now rank for over 4000 keywords with 65 of those in the top positions.

Tell me, what would growing your website traffic by this much do for your business?

Would it a huge growth in sales and profit?

Would it mean more freedom and time to spend with those you love or doing what you enjoy and spending less time posting on socials to crickets and reaping little ROI?

If you’re ready to achieve the same kind of results as Heather and Sarah, you’re in the right place.

Doors are officially open to our signature program SEO Made Easy - our 8-week, action-oriented SEO program.

SEO Made Easy is the most simplified, step-by-step program for scoring first position in Google so you can boost your website traffic and sell on autopilot.

This course will take you from feeling lost and overwhelmed about where to focus your marketing efforts, to being able to consistently reach more people, drive traffic to your website and make more sales - all without spending a cent or having to constantly show up on social media.

It's jam-packed full of strategy, plus all the trainings and templates you need to finally get it done once and for all.

Technophobe? Don’t worry, we’ll hold your hand throughout the entire process.

If you haven an online store and want to attract a primed and qualified audience to your website on autopilot without having to rely on social media, you need SEO Made Easy in your life. Click here to find out how to get started.

Let this be the year you implement a marketing channel that brings you revenue consistently and sustainable not matter what is happening in the world A.K.A recession. 

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