4 Simple and Free Ways To Grow Your Traffic and Sales In A Hard Economy

(Minus Social Media)


3 Simple and Free Strategies To Grow Your Traffic and Sales Now

(Without Social Media)

Here's Just Some Of What You'll Uncover


4 Simple and Free Strategies

to drive traffic to your website without relying on social media.

The One Area To Focus Your Marketing In This Economy

(and where not to) to grow your sales and finally get your time and freedom back.

The Simplest Way

to get traffic, sales and revenue on autopilot, to create stability no matter what is happening in the economy.

How To Turn Your Website

into a profit generator so that your earnings are finally surpassing your costs.

What To Do

if you feel overwhelmed, lost or burnt out and desperately need a free, low maintenance way to access your dream buyers.









"After working with Nicki, my business exploded to the point where I had to start turning work away.

My business had hit a growth block and I was really struggling to take it to the next level. With Nicki's help, my business exploded to the point where I had to start turning work away. 


Who is this for?

If any of the following sounds like you, do yourself a favour and do not miss this free masterclass:

  • I want to find a free, easy and automated way to grow my website traffic, sales and revenue consistently without having to rely on social media.
  • I am extremely time poor and ideally want one area of marketing to focus on to grow my business. Goodbye shiny object syndrome.
  • I am ready to attract dream buyers to my website without needing to spend money on paid ads.
  • I don’t want my business's success to rely on the state of the economy (believe it or not, recessions have historically been a massive time for opportunity and growth).
  • I want to build a business and life on my terms with greater profit and time to do what I want. Yes, to creating and fulfilling my own definition of success and happiness.

"Nicki helped us grow our organic web traffic by 26 times.

We've also substantially grown our email list which means we no longer have to rely on social media which we could loose at the drop of a hat.



"Nicki gave us clarity and straightforward learnings that allowed us to see a substantial increase in traffic and sales.

With Nicki's help, we implemented a solid SEO strategy that delivered organic traffic and sales (free). I highly recommend Nicki to anyone looking to grow their business."



Instagram SEO Guide 

 Register and show up live to get exclusive access to our Instagram SEO guide free.

This guide will help you optimise your IG profile and content for search engines (and extend the shelf life of your posts) to grow your visibility, following and traffic on the platform. 

Hey! I'm Nicki

Corporate escapee, world traveller, and margarita connoisseur.

I am a business growth strategist who has helped countless businesses just like yours add hundreds of thousands of dollars to their revenue using simple and profitable strategies including SEO and Facebook Ads.

After successfully managing a marketing team for a multi-million dollar company for many years and helping numerous business owners, I’ve uncovered the exact strategies that will help you profitably grow and scale your business.

My mission today is to show you how to do the exact same so you too can make your success a reality and finally live life on your own terms.

This brand-new masterclass brings you a culmination of the top things I’ve learned helping online businesses over the past 15 years. I am seriously excited to teach you these strategies too.

There will never be a perfect time so while everyone else is waiting for traffic and sales to magically appear, you can get after it.

Join me in this value-packed 60-minute masterclass and allow me to share my actionable strategies with you that make growing your traffic and sales on autopilot, simple and profitable, so you cam reclaim your freedom and spend more time doing what you love. Choose the time that works best for you >>

Can’t wait to meet you there live,

Nicki ♡


"Nicki’s teaching style is suitable for everyone and she makes it easy to understand not just HOW to do something but also WHY you’re doing it, so you can continue to implement the techniques in future. Within a few short weeks if implementing my learnings, I was already starting to see results". 


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